11:00Gameschooling: Using Gaming to Boost Learning
1:00“BUT WHAT ABOUT SOCIALIZATION?!” Homeschool Socialization Explained
3:00Lisa Meuser: How Acting for Film and TV Pairs Perfectly with Homeschooling
5:00Records, Reports, and Assessment
7:00Homeschooling on a Budget
11:00Travel School: Leveraging Travel as an Unparalleled Learning Opportunity
1:00Why Choose Experiential Learning?
3:00Lindsey Barr: How and Why to Make Service Learning a Part of Your Homeschool Experience 
5:00Herbal Studies in the Curriculum
7:00Tot Schooling: Homeschool for the Littlest Learners
11:00How to Turn Anything into a Learning Opportunity
1:00Jenn Hayward: The Importance of Including Indigenous Affairs in Your Curriculum
3:00Judy Arnell: Unschooling 101
5:00Computer Science Resources
7:00How Continuing YOUR Learning Will Help You on Your Homeschooling Journey
11:00How to Organize Group Activities Like a Pro
1:00Brittany Boychuk: Connecting Children With Nature
3:00Emily Baillie: Fun Ideas for Integrating Music into Your Everyday Learning
5:00The Importance of Nature Study
7:00Systems to Support Your Schooling
1:00Creative Language Arts Projects
3:00Jonathan Siebert: My Real-Life Wonder Story – Teaching Your Children to Choose Kindness
5:00Homeschooling with Streaming Services: The Best Shows and Movies to Bolster Learning
7:00Exciting Electives and Where to Find Them
8:00Wrap-Up Q&A