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Green Squirrel: *Free* Games for Your School

If you follow along with our learning at all, you know that we LOVE gaming. We going to the World Boardgame Championships as a family, we all have account on Boardgame Arena, and we have a HUGE collection of games! Recently, we stumbled upon something really amazing – FREE GAMES from Green Squirrel Games!!! We ….

Getting Creative with Physical Education

Have pandemic times made physical education a bit more tricky for you? I know that the shut-downs and social distancing have removed a lot of our regularly scheduled activities like swimming and jujitsu, and I see a lot of families in the same boat. Aside from the basics of warm-weather like hiking, biking and swimming, ….

Boardgames in Your Learning

Bookwork is fun and exciting and all (not), but we like to think outside the box a bit over here. We do a lot of experiential learning, we learn while traveling, and we learn through projects. Often though, we learn through BOARDGAMES! Yes, boardgames. We’re not talking Monopoly here (though there is some educational value ….